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SCUBA Rangers Kids Club

Kids 8-12 yrs old to be part of a WAY COOL KIDS CLUB!

What’s Cool about Scuba Rangers?

    Rangers have fun scuba diving & participating in other fun club actives like games, movies, guest speakers, picnics, and more…

    Scuba dive in a pool or spring with real diving equipment, play games underwater, and other fun stuff with friends!

    Learn the same skills scuba divers do - Real diving skills that will last a lifetime!

    Accomplish things that will amaze your parents and yourself

    Develop good water skills, learn water safety
    Build confidence, self-esteem and pride.

This club is for the kids to get them interested in diving and just have fun underwater, this is not an official certification so they will not be able to take off with their parents and dive, however, the parents will be able to dive with your rangers at any of the bi-monthly special events.  The max depth the kids will go is 12 ft. 

This is a home study course – You can purchase the books and course a min of 5 days prior to the student/parent orientation, the kids must complete the bookwork and watch the video prior. 

Hey Parents of kids 8-12 yrs old,

With SCUBA Rangers, kids ages 8-12 can enjoy the thrill of Scuba Diving in a pool/confined water environment, develop important life skills, and have lots of fun doing it.  Please note that SCUBA Rangers are not certified divers, and only dive in a pool/confined water under the supervision of a Ranger Instructor, not in open water.  This prepares them for when they are ready to become Certified Divers and have a blast in the meantime.  Also, SCUBA Rangers kids club has created a parent Volunteer program to assist with the club so you too can be a part of the activities.

Be ready to have some fun!!!!!!

Join us a for the next SCUBA Ranger class-TBA


diveSSI Image: SR_Basic

We hold bi-monthly events for all of the Rangers, one of the more exciting events was at the Blue Heron Bridge where the rangers, their parents and the instructors all did wreck dives and saw juvenile fish, a huge stingray, lots of starfish.  What a good time for the Rangers and the parents.  Now it's time to join and be apart of this club.  Call the store for more details.

Remember each Specialty dive you do brings you closer to the ultimate honor which is Master Ranger, which is 15 Specialties, plus participation in five Ranger Club events.

If you joined us on the Blue Heron dives, you’ve earned dives towards your Wreck Specialty as well.

So Rangers, let’s get together and bring a friend with you.