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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
45 Alafaya Woods Blvd
Oviedo, Fl  32765
Just next to Frogger's and Planet Fitness in the Publix Shopping center.

What are your hours of operation? 
M-F  10am-7pm 
Sat 10am-5pm 
Closed on Sunday's we're diving!


Are you  SSI, PADI or NAUI?
We are affiliated with the SSI, Scuba Schools International Agency, which has been around just as long as PADI and NAUI and is internationally recognized as well. 

What’s the difference between SSI and other certification agencies?
We all must follow the same RSTC standards for your Open Water training. The Advanced Course is a good example of a difference where SSI may be a preference. SSI requires you to have 24 logged dives and certified in 4 specialties to officially be an advanced diver.  With some agencies a student can finish their Open Water Certification, begin and complete their Advanced with only 10 logged dives under their belt. 

HMMM- let’s put this in perspective--- if you were on a boat in Cozumel and had to be buddied with an Advanced SSI diver with 24 logged dives or an  Advanced diver that had only 10 logged dives, who would be your choice to dive with?

How much do you charge for SCUBA certification?
Let’s tell you what is included first- then as you’re shopping around you will be able to ask educated questions as to what’s not included in the other stores.
Instructor fees, Classroom review session, Classroom Equipment review and understanding session
Digital Academic material
Pool session fees
Open water check out dive sessions fees- Lake/Springs/Beach
Rental Equipment:  5MM Wetsuit, BCD, Regulator, Alternate Regulator, Air and Depth Gauge

Digital SSI Logbook
Certification card fees
Best of all--- FUN.
Call the store for current pricinges, 

NOT INCLUDED:   Snorkel, Mask, Fins, Booties, Weight Belt and Weights.

What’s the schedule for the Open Water course?
Please see the Instruction Schedule for a detailed listing of course times and dates but here is an example.:
Tuesday and Thursday Evenings-  Academic 6:30pm-10pm and 1 full weekend, plus the following Saturday. 
Sample class:  

Tuesday and Thursday night for the Academic review
Saturday - Pool
Sunday -1st day of Open Water
Then the following weekend will be 1 day of Open Water training. 
Please see the Instruction Page for more information.

What time does the Open Water Class start? 6:30 pm

I live in another state and am going to be in Fl and need to do my 4 check out dives as a REFERRAL, can you do that for me and how much would that be?
Yes we participate in the Universal Referral Program. $245 for all 4 dives, done at DeLeon Springs. $195 for just one day of Check out dives (final 2 dives) and is done at DeLeon Springs. NOTE:  If you wish to do an ocean dive or other dive spot there will be an extra fee.  Cost includes tank rental only.  Bring your own equipment, BCD, Regulator, Alternate Regulator, Air and Depth Gauges, 5MM wetsuit or can rent for $10 per item.

Do you offer group rates? 
Yes- 4-8 - We discount $30 off reg OW course price, all of the group must pay together .  9 or more- speak to a manager. 

Do you offer specialty classes?
Yes- call store for details or check out the Instruction Page for more information.

What time do the specialty classes start and how long are they going to take?
Depends on the class but the standard Specialty class begins at 6:30pm on the Wednesday’s of the month and lasts about 2 hours. Nitrox takes a max of 4 hours. Stress & Rescue is a full weekend course.  Please see the Instruction Page for more information.

Do you offer refresher courses?
Yes. Included in the course:  Instructor fees, Training day Admission to the spring or pool, Air Tanks $99.95-   Must provide own equipment , we do have equipment available for rental if needed.

NOT INCLUDED:   Snorkel, Mask, Fins, Booties, Weight Belt and Weights.  Rental equipment NOT included in this price.  $10 each item.

Do you offer a Private Open Water class? 
Yes Course includes all of the above included in the standard Open Water course. The class price is $495 and we will work around your schedule.  NOT INCLUDED:   Snorkel, Mask, Fins, Booties, Weight Belt and Weights. 

I lost my certification card, how can I get a replacement?
The charge is a $35 replacement fee.  We will need the following information to replace your card: 
Full name, Birth date, Dive shop you were certified at or Instructor 's name, Agency
  and certification date, year (if you don’t have the specifics).  Different Agencies require specific training updates, contact Castaway directly to discuss.



Can I rent Equipment?   Credit card ON FILE Required and agreement signed. 
BCD, Regulator, Alternate and Gauge Combo- $10 per day- Sunday’s excluded
Wetsuit - $10 per day 
Air Tanks - $7 for Air per day;  NITROX Tanks - $13 per day;
Weights- $10 per box (16lbs Max), per day;  
Mask, snorkel, fins-$10 per day

Do you offer a rental discount program?
Every time you rent a BCD, Regulator/Gauge Combo or Wetsuit from Castaway SCUBA, the price of the rental can be applied to a brand new BCD, Regulator/Gauge Combo or Wetsuit.  (Applies only to the item you rent) Max of $50 off of a new BCD, Regulator/Gauge Combo and max off $25 on a Wetsuit. 
Example:  Rent a BCD 5 times at $10 each time and that’s $50 towards a new BCD.   Excludes sale and clearance items-cannot be combined with other discounts.

Equipment Service   
Visual Inspection  - Air Tank  $12 includes Air Fill 
Visual Inspection - Nitrox Tank - $16 includes Nitrox Fill up to 40%   Over 80cf-   $17 
Hydro - $39 includes VIP and fill
O2 Cleaning -  $50 per tank and includes Nitrox fill  
Valve Rebuild- $20
Tumble - $35

Tank Fills 
Air- $5
Nitrox- 80cu ft and under - $10 up to 40%
Nitrox - Over 80 cu ft tank-$11 up to 40%

Annual Service: 
Regulators - Labor is $20 per stage- + Parts kits- Note: We cannot work on Poseidon's or Dacor any longer. 
BCD - $20 + Parts kit
Rush charge is $20 extra on BCD or Regulator servicing.

Reg/BCD 14-21 calendar days
O2 Cleaning 7 calendar days

VIP- 5 business days
Hydros- 14 business days



How long does it take to order a piece of Equipment? 
Depending on the item the average is about 5 business days. Repairs that need to be sent out for Exposure wear could take 3 to 4 weeks.

What kind of Package Deals do you offer? 
We have a number of packages already set up that can be mixed and matched.  Buy a complete package and you will receive a Gift Certificate for future purchases.

Do you have a Back Inflate/weight integrated Rental BC I can try out before I buy it?
We have Zeagle Escapes in our rental Inventory strictly for that purpose--  the rental price is $10 per day and must be secured with a Credit Card.

Do you have a Dive Club?
No, we do not have a formed dive club, but we have guest speakers, seminars and parties throughout the year.  



Do you have pre-planned trips, where to and how much?
Yes, we run 2-3 trips a month, locally and a minimum of 2 Internationally a year.

East Coast of Florida- 2 tank boat Ocean diving out of Jupiter,  West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Boynton Beach, Florida Keys

Local Springs- Camping, picnicking, drift river trips

Blue Grotto, Paradise Springs, Devil’s Den, Blue Springs, Alexander Springs

West Coast shark tooth hunting:
Beach diving off of Venice,  Boat diving out of Venice
Beach diving at the Blue Heron Bridge
Prices all Vary, please see the Travel page for more information.

I want to go diving this weekend, can you help me?
Sure, we can make arrangements for a dive boat out of Jupiter, Boynton Beach, Pompano or West Palm Beach.   $60 per trip, tanks Extra